Deathcode of the Abyss
dec / 13 / 02

"Wrath & Revenge" to be out in 10 days.

DotA & End All Life works now together. A 7"ep will come.

oct / 11 / 02
The "Wrath & Revenge" demo tape is to be re- released on Harvester in a couple of weeks, with a better cover art. It will include 3 songs recorded as reh' material on the B side.
june / 19 / 02
Deathcode Of The Abyss is currently working on new material: These new hatehymns will be released on a promo tape, including 2 elder songs from the "Wrath & Revenge" demo. Hopefully available in a couple of months... More informations soon.
Ktotipol is no more in the band due to lack of time & a pretty huge distance between him & the rest of the Code. We will continue to follow His path with the help of our previous session drummer.
may / 10 / 02
Many thanxx & hails to the session member who performed drums on the demo: The Code has a new drummer. His name is Ktotipol.
" Wrath & Revenge " demo sold out for a long while...
New material on its way, including a cover of Profanatica.
feb / 11 / 02
Deathcode of the Abyss is now on line at